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Welcome To About You Chiropractic

Hello and welcome to our website. Our chiropractors, Dr. Andrew Daniele and Dr. Peter Jeremich, have a combined 41 years of experience helping people live better lives through gentle, specific chiropractic care. Dr. Jeremich is a dedicated practitioner who has dedicated himself to helping newborns, children, and adults. He has completed post graduate studies and focuses on making measurable corrections in people’s alignment. Dr. Daniele, who started the office in Matawan in 1984 oversees the progress of every person who comes to our office. Both doctors are graduates of Sherman College of Chiropractic, which is one of the leading institutions in the profession. Their combined efforts are focused on personal care with excellent results.

Our approach is very simple:

  1. We make sure we totally understand why you are seeking care and what your health goals are.
  2. We perform a thorough chiropractic evaluation to determine if we can help you.
  3. We tell you right up front how we can help you, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

We are dedicated to making sure that your only complaint is that you didn’t call us sooner!
You can find lots of information about chiropractic and our office on our web site. For your convenience here are some key points that you may find helpful:

  • Convenient office hours; as early as 10:00am and as late as 7:00pm
  • A wide array of chiropractic techniques used, including low force, upper cervical specific (Palmer technique), Gonstead, infant and child adjusting, Activator, and other mainstream, traditional adjustments
  • No risk guarantee; by the second visit if you feel that this is not the right place for you your first visit exam fee will be refunded
  • Affordable fees; whether you have insurance or not our fees are fair and affordable
  • You won’t have to wait! We run an ultra-efficient office and it is rare that you will ever have to wait more than 3 minutes to get your adjustment and get on with your day

Choices are important! The choices you make about your health will affect every aspect of your life. Your career, relationships, finances, and overall happiness are all affected by your ability to function as a whole person. Chiropractic helps people function better by reducing interference to the all-important nervous system. Many people have made our office a healthy choice for a better life, you can too.
Call our office today to get started on the road to a better you! 732-583-0600
Our phone line is open for first visit calls 7 days a week and is answered by a real person from 6:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

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