Our chiropractic office offers one service: modern, specific chiropractic.
We do not replicate medical treatment of any kind.

What is Chiropractic?

Modern chiropractic is a vitalistic approach to health. It is based on scientific research that concludes that the human body vitally needs a healthy nerve supply to control and coordinate all the functions and systems that ultimately result in our well-being.

Through common stresses, impacts, and injuries our spinal bones can become misaligned which causes nerve interference.

This is called a vertebral subluxation.

Subluxations do not initially cause symptoms but rather cause the nerves to malfunction which ultimately results in the body losing its ability to FUNCTION properly.

Chiropractors “adjust” the subluxations, allowing the spine to return to alignment, resulting in better nerve function.

It’s really very simple.

We re-align the spine so your nerves work better, so your body works better.

Techniques Used

We offer a wide range of chiropractic methods to best suit the person’s individual needs and comfort.

Upper Cervical Specific, also known as the Palmer Method, is a special technique to align the very top of the spine.

Pierce Technique is used very effectively to restore a very common spinal problem, the loss of the normal cervical curve.

Gonstead Technique is a full spine approach that is based on pelvic stabilization as the foundation of improving the overall alignment of the spine.

Activator Method is a low force technique that aligns the spine with very light adjustments using an adjusting instrument.

Webster Technique is a special way of safely adjusting newborns, infants and toddlers.

Thompson Technique uses a special chiropractic table with “drop pieces” to easily adjust the spine back into alignment.

Who comes to About You Chiropractic?

We adjust new born babies because it is so important for development to grow with a well aligned spine. The birth process can potentially result in subluxation without any outward symptoms!

We adjust young children and teenagers to enable them to mature and develop without the restrictions that result from vertebral subluxation!

We adjust adults because day to day stress plus past and present injuries result in a spine that little by little loses it’s alignment. This will result in early aging to the joints and loss of energy and function.

We adjust seniors because the human body has amazing recuperative abilities! By gently adjusting the spine into alignment the body can improve it’s function, no matter what your age!

We cater to individuals, families, children and adults.

Modern chiropractic allows anyone to live a life closer to their fullest potential.