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We've provided answers to a number of commonly asked chiropractic questions. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please call us at (732) 583-0600. We look forward to resolving all of your chiropractic care concerns.

Q: How long does the first visit take?
A: Usually no more than 30 minutes.

Q: Does my insurance cover chiropractic care?
A: Most likely you have chiropractic coverage. We will call your company to verify your particular benefits. You risk nothing under our "First Visit Guarantee".

Q: What is the "First Visit Guarantee"?
A: If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of your first visit, including your specific insurance benefits, you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.

Q: Do chiropractic procedures hurt?
A: No. We use safe, gentle, proven chiropractic techniques.

Q: What is subluxation?
A: A subluxation is a misalignment of one or more spinal segments that compress spinal nerves and results in neurologic dysfunction.

Q: What is an adjustment?
A: A safe, gentle maneuver, done by hand, to reduce spinal subluxation.

Q: Will I get an adjustment on my first visit?
A: Yes, if you desire to get started right away. Some people feel more comfortable scheduling their first adjustment for the next day.

Q: Do I have to disrobe?
A: No. Never.

New patients receive $75 initial exam & tests (Normally a $95 value).

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I had suffered with discomfort in my neck for years, which can be traced back to a box falling on my back and neck when I was a teenager. Over the past year the pain became unbearable. I also developed pain and numbness in my right hand, which was alarming. My doctors prescribed pain medication and eventually recommended spinal surgery as the only choice I had. Friends and family suggested chiropractic. I had become friends with Dr. Daniele through my work and he offered to help me. I felt my first visit was very thorough. Dr. Daniele showed me with the aid of computer analysis how my spine was out of alignment and pressing on my nerves. I followed his recommendations and experienced vast improvements. Over time the pain and numbness diminished, until it is now gone.

Before chiropractic I was so bad that I could no longer race motorcycles, which I love to do. Now I am back to racing, and I am almost back to 100%. I could not have chosen a wiser path than chiropractic.

Jason P.
Matawan, NJ

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